Entrance Outside
Outside Lights – inside and out
De-web - around door, threshold, windows
Door wiped down – if hinges squeak, correct

Throughout all rooms, All floors:
Baseboards/molding wiped
Windows inside and out, ledges and sills – SCREENS removed and dusted
Blinds dusted
De-webbing all ceilings and corners
Doors (both sides) - molding and ledges
Glass transoms above doors
All wall vents – grates cleaned
All Mirrors
Ceiling fans paddles and lights (globes cleaned)
Ceiling light globes/covers – remove bugs and clean
Hanging ceiling lights - clean what drops from ceiling above light (chain, metal framing)
Hardwood floors mopped; hand scrubbed where needed
All switch and outlet plates
Molding on walls wiped

Middle floor - Corner built-in dining room cabinet, remove over paint from glass
Patio doors - cleaned including tracks (buildup of webs and debris)
Ceiling air vent outside kitchen - dust build up

Above dining room table – tops of glass light globes
Gas stove top, including grates - clean surface around burners and top plate
Cabinet and draw fronts
Stainless steel double sink – restoring close to new
Stainless steel appliances - Fridge, Dishwasher, and stove hood - fronts cleaned and polished
Fridge/Freezer inside, all surfaces
Cabinets and draws - all surfaces inside and out ***(knobs not secured)
Glass tile back splash
Stove hood - 2 fan screens, and surrounding panel degreased ***(1 of 2 lights out)
Floor – due to textured linoleum surface, will use scrubbing tool to remove sitting dirt

Top Floor 2nd Bath
Porcelain tub and shower walls – attention to grout if needed
Vanity, including front, sink, mirrors, glass light globes
Toilet (bowl ring removed)
Ceiling exhaust fan vacuum
Tile floor - attention to grout

2nd Bedroom
Patio glass door – inside and out

Master Bath
Double vanity, including front, sinks, mirrors, glass light globes
Shower glass front (both sides) floor and wall edges/ledge, track all with grout attention
Toilet (bowl ring removed)
Floor with attention to grout
Shower stall: walls and floor, floor drain rust residue will remove as best that can be done

Downstairs/ Basement
Ceiling/rafters - web removal (special attention above dryer)

Ceiling exhaust fan cover – vacuum
Vanity, including front, sink, and mirror
Lights above Vanity – globes cleaned
Toilet (bowl ring removed)

Laundry Room
Vacuum, including around base of washer/dryer
Washer/dryer wipe outside - vacuum behind as best as can
Dryer vent - vacuum inside

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From the founder, Kim Clark
When you are putting a home on the market, attention to detail is a must. You only get one chance at making the best possible first impression; you need a team that cares about the details as much as you do. Possibly the homeowners have painted and de-cluttered, you have hired the photographer and maybe a stager, and now you’re ready to list the home. Or are you?

When I was an active Real Estate Agent, now a Referral Agent, I saw homes that lacked a positive presentation. My passion for real estate, and attention to detail, manifested itself in creating this business venture: specializing in Pre-Listing Cleaning. Every home needs regular “house cleaning” but this service goes above and beyond the ordinary. We pay attention to the things that aren’t noticed as we live our day-to-day lives in our homes: fingerprints on switch plate covers, dust and dirt on door and window frames, cobwebs in out-of-the way locations, dirty vents and returns, bugs and grime in the light fixtures, dirt that collects on the blinds, etc. We check every corner and crevice to make sure that the home is pristine for its debut on the market. Our goal is for buyers to feel that your home is nothing short of immaculate.

Although buying a new home is very much a business transaction, it is rooted in emotion. The subconscious feelings that attract a buyer to a specific home can affect the number of offers, the speed of the sale, and the final sale price, as well. When a home is pristine, the buyer feels that the home has been well cared for and maintained. They may not be able to lay their finger on why they feel this way, but we know that it is because a thorough pre-listing cleaning erases any trace of doubt that a buyer might otherwise feel. Because I have been able to create that special feeling in every home that I have cleaned, I’ve come to be known as the “Home Whisperer.”

We work swiftly but efficiently to make your listing stand out from the rest. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your sellers present the home in its best possible light. It’s all in the details.

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